Sudip opposes Left

This oppose has come up while TMC leader and MLA Sudip Roy Barman was addressing a press conference here on Thursday at party office.

Barman said, "The Left front government has simply yet again fooled the 10, 323 teachers." Adding to this he said, "The recruitment policy for retaining the services of teachers has made five years teaching experience compulsory for applying for the posts created in a most bizarre way; but the so-called five year experience of the teachers will not count as their services were terminated by the supreme court; this invalid and illegal service cannot count for valid experience."

"The state government is yet again acting in violation of law by announcing a new recruitment policy to retain the services of 10, 323 teachers sacked by the supreme court," said Barman in a press conference today.

He also charged that the state government had failed to act in accordance with the timeline set by the supreme court for fresh recruitment of teachers to make up for the shortfall in compliance with requirements of law and constitution.