The school through started its journey in 1947, its academic condition did not show any improvement even 70 years after so many years. Only development that could be noticed is some new buildings. The school has four teachers including headmaster and three assistant teachers. The attendance of students is less due to Ramjan month.

Sources said that some youths of the locality including Jamin Uddin, Sayej Uddin, Kabal Ahamed, Suyej Uddin entered the school introducing themselves as guardians on Thursday and went straight to the kitchen area. It was there they threw away the rice for mid-day-meal on the ground and blamed the cooks. They wrote complaint on visiting book of the school and scolded the headmaster. On being informed Inspector of the School suggested the headmaster to lodge complain at police station. But the headmaster did not comply till date. It was alleged that Headmaster Kajal Uddin who himself is reported to be a CPM supporter did not pay heed to the suggestion of IS to save the youths of ruling party. Although, the headmaster failed to show any satisfactory reason of the incident

Meanwhile local people alleged that a group of cadre from ruling party introduced themselves as members of other party and tried to create a political unrest by wasting the rice cooked for children of the school. However they felt it prudent not to press against the erring youths’ misdeeds.

As a result about 80 students of the school went back home without taking mid-day –meal.