Tripura auto-rickshaw drivers demand more CNG refilling stations, highway blocked

To reduce chaos at existing CNG stations and to streamline the availability and also refilling of CNG seamlessly, the angry auto-rickshaw driver on Tuesday has demanded the government to install more CNG refilling stations in the capital town of Agartala.

Demanding for the same the angry drivers today blocked the Agartala-Sabroom highway road in-front of the Badharghat CNG stations. They complaint that for the past two days they were made to stand in a long queue for refilling CNG gas from the station in the name of low pressure in the machine and they are refilled with CNG gas of only Rs. 20 each day.

The agitators also claimed, “The situation is same with the other CNG stations here and we are unable to move for our daily business here as we are unable to carry passengers in time.” Adding to this they also said that every day they are facing the same problem and had to stand in a long queue for more than the required time for gas as a result they had to face a hefty loss as their daily business gets hampered.

“The gas should be made available at every petrol pump. This will not only reduce waiting time but will also bring some improvement in services," they said.

The agitators have said that the numbers of private cars running on CNG have increased in the city and this has put an additional burden on refilling stations.