Tripura’s ‘Smart City’ vision goes in vain after rain floods capital town as usual

The capital town of Agartala is now most popularly known as water logging city as almost every time the sudden rain or incessant rain flash flood the city and leaves the common people or the city dwellers suffer at large.

Every time the flash flood lead the people of the state along with the opposition political party accuse the government here due to its unscientific drainage system and despite that the system has not been changed and neither any effort has been made yet today rather than stepping out effort to get ‘Smart City mission’ tag.

However, the heavy rain on Friday has flash flood the capital town and water level in the major rivers of the state has got its height from its normal level.

The office goers who were witnessed to have been returning home are being stuck due to the water logging in major parts of the capital city.

"Nowhere in the world does a city grow without planning, except Agartala. The ancient kings and rulers of Agartala planned the city only for 5,000 people 150 years ago and the present Left Front government is forcefully accommodating more than 5 lakh people in the same set-up. A huge amount of central funds, meant for the development of the city, is being misused," alleged a section of businessman today in Agartala.

The entire commercial block of Agartala remained under water till the logged water was passed by after rain stops.

The drainage system has collapsed completely. Many blamed Agartala Municipal Council (AMC) for its failure in waste management and this has been from the time immemorial that the AMC was often blamed for the same, even though no change has come up in AMC's action plan.