The incident occurred among the Hindi speaking labourers of Baghbasa and South Ganganagar when they were organizing Charak Puja.

According to sources a rally was organized by TMC at Dharmanagar under leadership of Swapan Talukder on Monday on the occasion of State level conference of TMC. All TMC supporters of Baghbasa Ward no -5 participated in the rally. On the way ruling party supporters attacked on the rally with dao, lathi and many other weapons. The incident occurred in between 7p.m to 8 p.m.

Later the local people identified Rajkumar Goala in unconscious condition and shifted him hospital. In the incident Mati Lal Teli, Ajit Roy were broken their hand. Besides large number of wounds were found on their body. Later on the TMC supporters filed case in the police station against CPM leaders and workers including DCM Badal Panika, Pepsi Panika, Karan Panika, Mithun Panika, Karan Panika and Laxmi Bhar. The incident made the situation tensed at Baghbasa.

However OC of Baghbasa OutPost Rajkumar Jamatia organized meeting along with both the parties. Under pressure of TMC the ruling leaders decided to provide Rs.4000 for treatment of injured persons. The case was withdrawn after on the basis of assurance by ruling supporters.