Thirty kids injured in Auxilium bus mishap

The driver of the bus managed to flee from the spot whose alleged rash driving led to the accident. According to Paul, the incident took place around 7.15 am on Kumari Tilla-GB Hospital road.

The school bus no. - 13, over 50 children on board, were headed to the School at Nandanagar. “The driver of the school bus might have applied sudden that led to the children getting injured”, he added. A team Police rushed to the spot and rescued the children when their bus overturned at the road.

The bus veered off the road after coming across sudden thunderstorm and hail, according to eyewitnesses. The bus swerved out of control and crashed into a private residence. However, the students were taken into GBP Hospital for treatment by their parents, but it is all precautionary.

The parents alleged non-cooperation and negligence on the part of Auxilium School Management after the accident. “So far, no complaint has been received”, Inspector Paul mentioned, adding, “Panic gripped the parents and locals soon after the accident”.