Nistha met Sports Minister

Before departure Nistha Chakraborty along with Coach Pinaki Chakraborty today met with Sahid Choudhury, sports minister. Both of them gone through with long conversation as in between Sahid Choudhury expressed his excitement and was seen very much delighted on her selection.

He said, “Today I am very much happy about the selection of Nistha in the national team and I strongly believe that she will good performance in this upcoming tournament.” He also desired that in the coming days Nistha will take part in more big tournaments and perform well.

On the other hand after this meeting Nistha looked very much delighted and said that after meeting with Sahid Choudhury she was feeling very much excited and now her main aim will be to win medal and dedicate this to the minister. Coach Pinaki also very much certain about her success.