In the eighth round Biswajit lost to Bapi Deb and gathered half point while that point of time with 7 points each Bapi Deb and Umasankar Datta stayed at the top position. But in the ninth and final round Bapi Deb shared point while Umasankar Datta lost the match and Biswajit Nag defeated Soumik Saha in the last round. With this Biswajit Nag advanced in the vocals with 7.5 points.

While with same number of points Bapi Deb and Anurag Debnath secured the second and third place respectively while with 7 points each Umasankar Datta, Dipak Chouhan and Abid Hussein secured the next three slots respectively. On the other hand with 6.5 points each 7th to 10th place has been achieved by Arindam Biswas, Soham Chakraborty, Dibyajoti Sarkar and Nil Kumar Datta respectively.

On the other hand Abhinaba Roy, Aisia Das, Abhigyan Ghosh in Under 9 category, Ronit Roy, Bipragyan Choudhury, Dibyajyoti Nandi in Under 11 category and Subhadip Shome, Barnita Sinha and Rajbir Ahmed in Under 13 category secured the top three slots respectively. Suniti Saha, Sabhadhipati remained present in the prize distribution ceremony in the end.