Sources said that RD department spent an amount of Rs 603 lakh for construction of the 4.46 Km road and Rs 33 lakh estimated for repair and maintenance of the road. The construction agency assured that the road would be a high quality road of the state and developed technology would be used to construct the road.

Hearing this most of the local farmers donated their agricultural land for the road with joy and without any condition. The officials of NBCC also assured to construct side wall for the road before construction. But they did not construct any side wall. It made their farm land unfit for cultivation. On that they threatened to stop construction of the road.

Meanwhile the company displayed one sign board and mentioned that construction of the road started August 23, 2014 and ended on February 22, 2016. An amount of Rs 603 lakh spent for construction of the road and Rs.33 lakh spent for repairing the road.

Observing the sign board the local people raised question how the agency can spend Rs 603 lakh while the work has not been started. They alleged that agency siphoned off lakhs of rupees without construction of the road. But the local public representative has no response on issue. Even the local minister did not listen the problem of local people and he allegedly misbehaved with local people.