Tenders / EOIs

Sl No. Uploading Date Description Closing Date Closing Time
54. 25-Jul-2017 Tender for Proposed construction of 50 ( fifty) bedded MCH Wing [ G+3 Storied ] building at Gomati District Hospital, Tepania, Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura/SH: Building portion including Internal water supply, Sanitary Installation, Sewage & Drainage works. Udaipur Division, PWD(R&B) Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura. 19-Aug-2017 03:00PM
53. 15-Jul-2017 Tender for improvement of Pecharthal (NH-44) Kanchanpur Road (Length: 26.50 Km) Phase-II from Machmara-Kanchanpur (Length: 18 Km) in Unakoti District. Kanchanpur Division, PWD (R & B) Kanchanpur, North Tripura. 05-Aug-2017 03:00PM
52. 08-Jul-2017 Drilling & development of 12 (twelve) nos. Deep Tube Wells with Contractors Direct Rotary Drilling Rig and other accessories & equipments at different locations under W.R. Division No – VII, Pecharthal during the year 2016-17 (NABARD / SPA).[3rd Call] Water Resource Division No - VII, Pecharthal, Unakoti, Tripura. 27-Jul-2017 03:00PM
51. 05-Jul-2017 Tenders for Maintenance of NRDWP / RWS scheme at Jampui hill, UWS Scheme, RWS Scheme and maitanence of Pipe lines under DWS Sub-Division Kanchanpur, under DWS Sub-Division Dharmanagar. D.W.S Division, Dharmanagar, North Tripura 28-Jul-2017 03:00PM
50. 04-Jul-2017 Tenders for Maintenance of different Roads and type-IV quarter (single unit) under Udaipur Division, Gomati District, Tripura. PWD (R&B), Udaipur Division, Udaipur, Gomati Tripura. 21-jul-2017 03:00PM
49. 22-Jun-2017 Tender for Maintenance of 3 (three) Roads (Mtc. of road from Belonia-Hrishyamukh road to Dumping Station (L-1.20 km) Mtc. of road from Sarashima-Maicherra road to Ashrampara (L-1.430 km) Mtc. of Nalua Master Para road (L-1.345 km). under Belonia Division South Tripura. Belonia Division, PWD(R&B) Belonia, South Tripura 30-Jun-2017 03:00PM
48. 20-Jun-2017 Tender for construction of School Building for Bagan H.S. School at Kadamtala, Dharmanagar, North Tripura. Dharmanagar Division, PWD(R&B), North Tripura. 13-Jul-2017 03:00PM
47. 14-Jun-2017 Drilling & development of 3(Three) nos. deep tube wells with departmental high capacity direct rotary drilling rig and other machineries & equipments in different locations of Unakoti District & North Tripura District (Gr.-III) (2nd Call) DWS Division, Kumarghat Unakoti, Tripura 30-Jun-2017 03:00PM
46. 09-June-2017 Tenders for Maintenances of different Roads under Teliamura Division Teliamura Division, PWD (R & B) 30-Jun-2017 03:00PM
45. 04-Jun-2017 Tenders for Maintenance of different Roads under Bishalgarh Division, Sepahijala District, Tripura.

Bishalgarh Division, PWD (R&B)  Sepahijala District, Tripura.

30-Jun-2017 03:00PM
44. 30-May-2017

Tenders for maintenance of 3(Three) no’s of bailey bridges over Sarma river on Gandacherra-Amarpur road over Gandacherra and Thauracherra on Gandacherra-Raishyabari road, Maintenance of different Roads under Gandacherra Sub-Division, Ambassa.

Ambassa Division, PWD (R&B), Ambassa, Dhalai Tripura

17-Jun-2017 03:00PM
43. 21-May-2017 MEMORANDUM: PRESS NOTICE INVITING TENDER NO:- 01/EE/WRD-1/2017- 18, Dated. 10/04/2017. Vide circulated Memo No.F.16-2/EE/WRD-1/39-54 Dated, 10/04/2017 has been extended upto 4.00 P.M. on 20-05-2017, upto 4.00 P.M. on 22-05-2017 and upto 3.00 P.M. on 24-05-2017. W.R. Division No.I,
Kunjaban, Agartala
24-May-2017 03:00PM
42. 18-May-2017

Tenders for F.D.R. of different roads under Hrishyamukh R.D. Block, Bharat Chandra Nagar Block, Rajnagar R.D. Block, Belonia Municipal Council area, Maintenance of road adjacent back side of Belonia P.S. and road from P.S. Corner to Circuit House, Maintenance and construction of Matai P.H.C and Ratanpur PHC under Belonia Division , South Tripura.

Belonia Division, PWD(R&B) Belonia, South Tripura

02-Jun-2017 03:00PM
41. 13-May-2017 Tenders for Maintenance of different Roads under Bishramganj Division, Sepahijala, Tripura.

Bishramganj Division, PWD (R&B) SepahijalaTripura

31-May-2017 03:00PM
40. 05-May-2017 Construction of Bungalows for Hon'ble Chief Justice and Hon'ble Judges of High Court at Capital Complex, Agartala , Renovation EI works at girls hostel of RIPSAT, Abhoynagar, Agartala. Internal Electrification Division 19-May-2017 03:00PM
39. 29-Apr-2017 MEMORANDUM: PNIT NO:- 01/EE/WRD-1/2017-18,Dated..10/04/2017.Vide circulated Memo No.F.16-2/EE/WRD-1/39-54 Dated,10/04/2017  has been extended upto 4.00 P.M. on 15-05-2017,upto 4.00 P.M. on 17-05-2017 and upto 3.00 P.M. on 20-05-2017. W.R. Division No.I,
Kunjaban, Agartala
20-May-2017 03:00PM
38. 20-Apr-2017 Construction of Retaining wall near slab culvert at Ambedkar Nagar S.B.School ch, 0.00km to 0.250km from NH-8 during the year 2016-17/SH:-Rcc Retaining wall,brick retaining wall, side drain ,WBM-3, carpeting, seal coat etc. Ambassa Division, PWD (R&B), Ambassa, Dhalai Tripura 05-May-2017 03:00PM
37. 14-Apr-2017 Tenders for Anti erosion work along the bank of river Haora for protection of vulnerable locations from Champaknagar to Baldakhal under Sadar Sub-Division of West Tripura District. W.R. Division No.I,
Kunjaban, Agartala
29-Apr-2017 03:00PM
36. 22-Mar-2017

Tenders for Maintenance of IGM, G.B.P & AGMC Hospital, Boys’ Hostel of RIPSAT at 79 tilla, annual Maintenance of Boys’ Hostel (Old & New building) of RIPSAT at 79 tilla, annual repair/Maintenance of GBP Hospital Complex and hospital building of TMC Complex, retaining wall behind the Sulabh Souchaloy building beside Eye Block at AGMC & GBP Hospital premise etc.

Medical College Division, PWD(R&B), Agartala
20-Apr-2017 03:00PM
35. 18-Mar-2017

Procurement of UPVC Pipes of different diameter &  Pressure for Installation of Deep Tube  Wells in A.D.C Areas, Procurement of CIDF Sluice Valves for Installation of Deep Tube wells in  ADC Areas, Tripura under    SCA  (NITI AYOG) during the year 2016-2017.

Resource Division, Panchamukh, Agartala, Tripura

11-Apr-2017 03:00PM
34. 11-Mar-2017 Construction of double storied District Warehouse at Bishramganj, Sepahijala District, Tripura / SH: Building portion including internal water supply and sanitary installation. Bishramganj Division, PWD(R&B), Sepahijala District 11-Apr-2017 03:00PM
33. 04-Mar-2017

Mtc. of internal roads of Kumarghat Market during the year 2016-17/SH: laying of interlocking concrete block etc. and Mtc. of M-D-F road during the year 2016-17/SH: Road shoulder maintenance, Patch metalling, repair of pot hole, Carpeting, Seal coat etc.

Kumarghat Division PWD(R&B) Unakoti

25-Mar-2017 03:00PM
32. 26-Feb-2017 Various Tenders Forms from Tripura Public Works Departments Amarpur Division, PWD(R&B) 16-Mar-2017 03:00PM
31. 18-Feb-2017

Improvement of PWD road from Zaithang V.C. office to Thangnang ADC village under Panisagar Block, PWD brick soled road from Panisagar RCPE Collage boundary to Raithanthai Para ADC village and from Madhuban ADC V.C. office to Bairagibari ADC under Jubarajnagar Block.

Dharmanagar Division, PWD(R&B), Dharmanagar, North Tripura 07-Mar-2017 03:00PM
30. 17-Feb-2017 “ Maintenance of T. K. road to Divyoday Krishi Vigan Kendra under Uttar Chebri G. P. / SH: Grouting, Metalling, ReCarpeting, CD & Drain work.” Khowai Division, PWD (R&B) Khowai Tripura 25-Feb-2017 03:00PM
29. 10-Feb-2016 Maintenance of road from Gandacherra-Raishyabari road to Madanjoy para under PWD (R&B) Gandacherra Sub-Division during the year 2016-17. Ambassa Division, PWD (R&B), Ambassa, Dhalai Tripura 03-Mar-2017 03:00PM
28. 05-Feb-2017 Construction of 500MT capacity go-down in/c. ancillaries, compound wall ( L- 410.00M) & developments of site at Padmabil/ SH: Construction of approach road in/c. site development and drain. Khowai Division, PWD (R&B) Khowai Tripura 23-Feb-2017 03:00PM
27. 22-Jan-2017 Tenders opening for (DNIT NO. 09/SE/DWS/C/AMB/2016-17) and (DNIT NO. 10/SE/DWS/C/AMB/2016-17). DWS Division, Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura 15-Feb-2017 03:00PM
26. 18-Jan-2017

Construction of R.C.C. Bridge on the road from US road (Kalshi Mukh) to Kalshi Bazar, Replacement of Bailey Bridge by on the road from Kalshimukh to Kalshi, over Ranga Cherra on the road from Jolaibari- Kowaifung to Purba Pilak, over Pilak Cherra on the road from Jolaibari- Kowaifung to NH44 via Banik Para.

Santirbazar Division, PWD(R&B) Santirbazar, South Tripura

08-Feb-2017 03:00PM
25. 11-Jan-2017

Development works at Tirthamukh, Amarpur, Gomati District, Tripura under Swadesh Darshan Scheme / SH: Building portion, Earth Retaining wall, Drainage facilities, Site Development and Signage.

Amarpur Division, PWD,
 Amarpur Gomati Tripura
08-Feb-2017 03:00PM
24. 07-Jan-2017

Improvement of road from NH-44 to Srinibash para(L=1.150km) during the year 2016-17/SH:- Earth work, Soling, metaling, Carpeting, seal coat, Retaining walls etc.(2nd Call)

Ambassa Division, PWD (R&B), Ambassa, Dhalai Tripura 19-Jan-2017 04:00PM
23. 24-Dec-2016

Construction and Improvement of various roads from Jagatrampur to Halampara, Kalikhala to Thalibari, Uttar Manani to Dhaliapara, Dhaliapara to Dakshik Taisama, formation, re-soling, metalling, carpeting, sand coat, pucca drain, cd structure etc.

Sonamura Division PWD (R&B) Sonamura, Sepahijala 21-Jan-2017 03:00PM
22. 10-Dec-2016 Imp. of Tolakona PWD road to Lembucherra PMGSY road via Toakona Panchayet tilla S.B.School / Mtc. of road under Khayerpur Sub-Division during the year 2016-17

Jirania Division(PWD) Jirania. Tripura (W)

28-Dec-2016 03:00PM
21. 03-Dec-2016 Maintenance of road from Khirod Nayak Para to Mungiakami under Mungiakami Block (L= 1.50 Km) / SH: Metalling, carpeting, CD, Toe wall, Road side pucca drain etc. during the year 2016-17. (2nd Call) Teliamura Division, PWD (R & B) 23-Dec-2016 03:00PM
20. 26-Nov-2016

Replacement of existing 50m length SPT bridge across the river Howrah at Joypur on Joypur Camperbazar via Hairmara by consteruction of RCC Bridge / SH : Construction of approach . (2nd call)

Agartala Division No. V, PWD (R&B)
Agartala, Tripura (W)
14-Dec-2016 03:00PM
19. 11-Nov-2016 MEMORANDUM: The last date of dropping of tender against PNIT NO. 11/R/EE-V/AGT/PWD/2016-17 dt. 22.10.2016 circulated vide momo No. F.TECH-4/Pt-X/EE-V/2007-08/3653-3714 dated 22.10.2016 is extended last date of dropping 18.11.2016 and extended date of opening is 18.11.2016. Agartala Division No. V, PWD (R&B)
Agartala, Tripura (W)
18-Nov-2016 03:00PM
18. 11-Nov-2016 Maintenance of road from Radhanagar to Panchamnagar via Noagaoan & Sashimohan Debbarma para, different roads under Kumarghat Municipal Council area, road from KF road to KF road via Nishikanta Das house: patch soling, patch metalling, carpeting, seal coating, Matalling, Patch soling, Earth work, C.C. Block stc. PWD(R&B)
Kumarghat Division, Unakoti
02-Dec-2016 03:00PM
17. 26-Oct-2016 Ordinary repair (OR) of NH-8 (Agartala By-pass) from Khayerpur to Amtali/Portion from Tulakona (Ch. 481.00 Km) to Amtali NH-44 Tri-junction (Ch. 490.00 Km.)/SH: Pot holes re-pairing, WBM, Carteting & Seal coat. Agartala Division No. V, PWD (R&B)
Agartala, Tripura (W)
11-Nov-2016 03:00PM



Procurement of 100 mm dia. DI (K7) Pipe for Water Supply Schemes in Tripura during the year 2015-16(Group-II) DWS Store Division, P.N. Complex, Gurkhabasti, 30-Nov-2016 03:00PM



CORRIGENDUM: The dropping date of tender on 28.10.2016 upto 3.00 pm instead of 27.10.2016 against PNIT No.08/EE/WR-III/UDP/2016-17 dated 27.09.2016 vide communicated memo No.F.TC-2/EE/WR-III/UDP/2480-2517 dated 27.09.2016 Water Resource Div-III
Udaipur, Gomati, Tripura
28-Oct-2016 03:00PM



Maintenance of staff quarters under Capital Complex during the year 2016-17/SH: Repairing and painting, Running and maintenance of Secretariat Building at Kunjaban, Agartala during the year 2016-17 under capital Complex Division.

Capital Complex Division PWD (R&B) Kunjaban, Agartala

28-Oct-2016 03:00PM
13. 01-Oct-2016

Tenders for maintenance of road, maintenance of SPT Bridge, Urgent flood damage road, Construction of RCC Box Culvert, Road metalling, Re-carpeting, Sand seal coat, road side pucca drain etc.

Sabroom Division, PWD (R&B) 21-Oct-2016 03:00PM
12. 12-Sep-2016 Tenders for whole metagenome sequencing and analysis of rumen samples using illumina next seq 500 platform (Annexure A) under the AMAAS, ICAR funded Research project College of Vety. Sciences & A.H. 24-Sep-2016 03:00PM
11. 09-Sep-2016 Tenders for maintenance of various roads, widening, metalling, cd structures, carpeting, RCC box cell culvert, pallasiding, pucca drain, construction of Tourist Shed etc. Bishramganj Division, PWD (R&B) 24-Sep-2016 03:00PM
10. 29-Aug-2016 Tender invited for Construction Supervision Consultancy Services for "Construction of a Smart Building for "Krishi Bhavan" at Pandit Nehru Complex, Gurkhabasti, Agartala, Tripura Department of Agriculture 16-Sep-2016 03:00PM
9. 22-Aug-2016 Memorandum: The last date of dropping of tender against PNIT No. 05/EE/TLM/2017-17 dated 09/08/2016 is hereby extended upto 05/09/2016 Teliamura Division, PWD (R & B) 05-Sep-2016 03:00PM
8. 19-Aug-2016 Tenders for maintenance of various roads, widening, metalling, Re-carpeting, Toe wall, brick soling, Retaining wall, patch soling, CD, toe wall, Re-carpeting, pote hole repairing, seal coat, construction of RCC drain etc. Sabroom Division, PWD(R&B) 09-Sep-2016 03:00PM
7. 17-Aug-2016 Tenders for maintenance of various roads, road side pucca drain, providing cement concrete, Construction of retaining wall, Construction of boundary wall etc. Teliamura Division, PWD (R & B) 30-Aug-2016 03:00PM
6. 06-Aug-2016 Construction of RCC Bridge over river Manu on Sonaimuri - Telia Road, sanctioned for Implementation under NABARD (RIDF-XIV) Kumarghat Division, PWD(R&B) 13-Sep-2016 03:00PM
5. 27-Jul-2016 Tenders for Maintanance of different Roads under Shantirbazar Division PWD(R&B),Shantirbazar Division 23-Aug-2016 03:00PM
4. 15-Jul-2016 Various Tenders Forms from Tripura Public Works Departments Amarpur Division, PWD(R&B) 10-Aug-2016 03:00PM
3. 28-Jun-2016 Construction of RCC bridge across Deo river on Satnala to Bhaktamohan Para during the year 2015-2016/SH:-Improvement of approach road by soling, WBM, premix carpet, sand seal coat, CC block etc. Kanchanpur Division, PWD (R & B) 28-Jul-2016 03:00PM
2. 14-Jun-2016

Tender invited for supply of Vermi Compost to different Agri./Horti. Sub Divisions as per requirement mentioned in Annexure-I for different Agri./Horti. Sub Divisions.

Directorate of Horticulture & Soil Conservation 28-Jun-2016 03:00PM
1. 09-Jun-2016

Propose construction of 12 (twelve) Nos. staff quarters in the Dharmanagar Sub-Divisional Hospital Complex at Dharmanagar, North Tripura.

PWD(R&B), Dharmanagar, North Tripura 02-Jul-2016 03:00PM